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Aleyna Bozoklar (b. 2000) is a brand designer & The visionary behind Nitro Units based in TN.

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Hey, I’m Aleyna.

I started Nitro Units Creative to blend my two biggest loves, feel-good brands and authentic design. We specialize in building female-owned brands that are elevated and transformative. Playful yet high-end. With the ultimate goal to bring your vision to life and connect your brand with the right audience.

We strive to delve deeper into the vision, intention and journey of every client.
It’s a simple approach that sees us partnering with our clients from the very first moment our paths cross, so that we can create a strategy to differentiate them in their niche and bring all their boldest visions to life.

As a young woman entrepreneur, I am proud to see that Nitro Units has proven to demonstrate its creative side with a young and dynamic team bringing a result-oriented approach with an aesthetic touch.


We make digital marketing accessible to female-owned businesses and help them flourish in their unique goals through a client-centric approach blending modern & aesthetic design with creative strategy.


We are passionate about serving female entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses, feel confident in their online presence, and reclaim time and energy for life beyond work.

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What makes us special?

We work as a team, not as individuals. We are dedicated to your projects and offer a full-service digital marketing approach to ensure your success.

Our young and dynamic team consists of people who started using social media from an early age and are all familiar with how to use it efficiently.

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What Happens Next?

Are you captivated by the essence of Nitro Units and eager to embark on a collaborative journey? We are thrilled to connect with you! On our website, you will discover a contact form that we kindly request you to fill out. Next step, we will arrange a meeting with you to understand more about your business. Should we sense a perfect alignment, we will swiftly respond with a personalized Project Proposal document. This comprehensive proposal will outline the specifics of your unique project, including a detailed quote, deliverables, and an estimated timeline.
If you feel that we may have overlooked any aspect of your quest and still have lingering questions, we warmly encourage you to seek our assistance. We are delighted to address any inquiries you may have about our services, and processes, or perhaps you have a bespoke design request that requires further information. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at We are here to provide you with the guidance you seek.

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