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Nashville? Let’s Get to Know a Little…

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Many individuals desire to start a company or make a career move in areas where everyone knows and wants to be, such as New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. They are hesitant because they are aware of the costs.

Many many thoughts on this matter have shifted in recent years, as many current and prospective businesses, beginning with people, discovered that they did not need to be in such pricey locations.

With increased independence and financial savings, they boost their chances of success in their respective industries. 

Yet there is one area that is often overlooked: Nashville, Tennessee.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Nashville now that we’ve learned a bit about it!


Nashville is home to almost 2 million people and over 52,000 businesses, including well-known names like Amazon, Mitsubishi, and Dollar General.

We sense your curiosity…

In addition, it is home to America’s most powerful music business.

Nashville is also noted for its educated population, music, and quality of life. When their people can live in such good conditions, their own businesses have no trouble gaining backing and prospering. Unlike many well-known large cities, they may not only support their businesses with reduced rents but also take crucial strides forward in their lives by fulfilling their own desires and satisfying their education and personal pleasures.


I. Excellent way of life, living and working in a warmer climate with intellectual people.

II. The majority of the people in the area are hardworking, determined, and welcoming

III. Rent and other expenses in Nashville are two to three times lower than elsewhere, making it more sustainable in the long run.

IV. The entertainment, media, education, and health industries, as well as major technology corporations, are all present and growing.

V. Because of the lack of a state income tax, it is a pro-business community, and residents are less likely to pay high costs.

VI. Most locations are reachable in 15-25 minutes.


Low Living Costs

As previously said, we discussed how affordable it is; although the national average is 100, it is 89 here.

With the number of businesses in Nashville, it is extremely difficult to achieve financial stability with a lower-than-average cost of living.

I. 6.5 % Corporate Income Tax  

II. No Personal Income Tax  

III. No Estate/ Inheritance Tax


I. Nashville- $34 Per Sq. Ft.

II. Knoxville- $20 Per Sq. Ft.

III. San Francisco- $68 Per Sq. Ft.

IV. NYC-  $80 Per Sq. Ft.


Square Feet10,00010,000
Rent/ Square Foot3480
Rent/ Year340.000800.000
Term Lenght3 Years3 Years
Total Rent1.020.0002.400.000

As you may have noticed, when discussing Nashville, we mentioned both its people and its financial opportunities as well as the positive aspects of Tennessee in numerous places. We are not sure if there is a better place to develop your business or start a new business than Nashville, but it’s certainly one of the best!


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