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Women in Digital

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By 2023, we know that most people support gender equality but did you know that women have a very low chance to be as important as men in technology and digital? More than 95% of the leaders in the tech industry are men and women have less access to technology as they grow up.

The digital divide is one of the aspects to support inequality in digital between genders. To learn about the digital divide and empowerment of women via digital, keep reading. It is up to you and us, the new generations, to make a change in the world.

Digital Divide

The Digital divide is simply the unfair distribution of access to digital such as the internet and laptops. Because it creates an unequal environment, it influences how one gets access to information and creates an unequal arena when these two sides need to work together. For instance, the digital gap between men and women is not small. This is because men as boys have the chance to get a better understanding of technology and it is more normal for them to spend a lot of time in front of their computers. We should support women in digital help little girls have equal access to technology.

How Does Digital Empower Women

We can make changes through digitally! By keeping yourself up to date about inequality between genders, by supporting a woman in digital, by informing people on the digital divide and how to fight it you can make a change. You should keep in mind that social media is one of the biggest tools we can use to reach others and we can use it to empower women and young girls. Girls who grow up seeing strong female role models tend to become more successful. Therefore, to empower the next generation, we should share the stories of women in digital and their success.

Why Should You Support Women in Digital

As you support a woman, you also support others that she is interacting and the ones she is influencing. As you support a woman, you are helping her to thrive and to give others the chance to thrive. As you support a woman, you also fight inequality between genders. As you support a woman, you support a community. As you support a woman, you are helping a little girl to have the same chances as a little boy. As you support a woman, you support a new generation to be better than the past. As you support a woman, you support the future.

Women in Digital & Nashville

Since it is overlooked most of the time, being a woman in digital in Nashville may feel even lonelier and harder. However, you are not alone! There are communities you can join if you are a woman in digital in Nashville. If you are not, you can always support them to make them feel less lonely. Founded by a young woman, Nitro Units supports other women in digital in Nashville and is looking forward to your support!


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