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YouTube Strategies for Your Brand

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The huge impact of social media marketing on digital marketing is an indisputable fact. Another used for social media marketing is YouTube. According to the “Turkey YouTube User Profile Research 2016” report, 63 percent of those who buy a product say that they watched a video on YouTube that is useful in the decision process before purchasing the product. This data also highlights the importance of YouTube for the marketing processes of companies. At this point, companies that want to leave their competitors behind in the sector should pay attention to their YouTube content and constantly optimize their content. While YouTube’s 2.6 million monthly active users only notice 10 videos ( ), it is of great importance to be noticed on this platform with the right SEO strategies.

YouTube’s keyword ranking algorithm

To be in a good position at the point of marketing on YouTube, first of all, keyword searches to be used on YouTube should be done. For this, the first step is to try to see the company from the perspective of the potential customer, as in other platforms. These keywords should be added to the content of the videos to be shared after the research and scans.

Tips for YouTube’s keyword ranking algorithm

Keywords must be embedded in the video content to gain brand awareness and feedback. There are various strategies for this;


The video title is the most important part to take into account to reach the top 10. Most of the users draw the content mainly from the title. For this, the title should be short, summarizing the content well and attracting attention.


The part at the bottom of the video where longer information about the video content is given is not explained. Many of the users want to be informed about some information in the video and browse this tab. Important opportunities to direct users to the content and the website can be provided with the keywords and links to be written in this section.


When we look at the description section of YouTube videos, the tags section is seen. These are divided into two users can see and cannot see. It is beneficial to use keywords that can transform the brand in these parts.

How to find the best keywords for YouTube?

So what can be done to find the keywords that will work best?

1- Typing words related to the subject in the YouTube search engine will bring up popular searches respectively. At this point, new keywords can be derived by being inspired by these searches.

2- Discovering YouTube’s hidden semantic indexing (LSI) keywords is another strategy that will make your keywords stand out on YouTube with SEO.

3- Examining the video content of your competitors and optimizing the keywords that will come from there by researching which ones get more interaction will also help companies at the point of keyword scanning.

SEO optimization methods for Youtube

A lot of SEO work and various strategies are required for successful YouTube marketing. These:

Title, Description, and Tag Optimization:

Existing titles, descriptions, and tags should all be recorded and reviewed. Optimization should be made and tested, considering whether it works better or not.

Applying YouTube optimizations:

It is possible to refer to SEO-related content in video content in a way that does not prevent video ranking.

Accurately categorize videos:

After the video is uploaded, it is possible to gain extra impressions by adding it to curated playlists by going to the categorization option in the ‘advanced settings section of YouTube.

YouTube Thumbnail Disregard:

90% of the best videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails. For this, by making a good design, you can create thumbnails and YouTube SEO authority can be increased.

Adding Subtitles with SRT File:

Adding automatic captions to YouTube videos improves the user experience (UX) and helps to top the YouTube search algorithm.

Add Cards and Add End Screens:

By clicking the letter “i” in the upper right corner of YouTube videos, many activities such as subscribing, sharing, donating, and answering surveys can be performed. This increases interaction and helps to rank higher in the algorithm. To do this, click on Add Card. On the end screen, there are additional information or interactive content options. This part also encourages the user to keep interacting.

Following Trends:

SEO algorithms are constantly changing. For this, it is very important to follow the changing algorithms and keep up with the new trends in order to increase the conversion rate of the content.

Examples of YouTube SEO Tools?

A lot of optimization is required to rank high on YouTube and increase the conversion rate. Many tools have been developed to facilitate these optimizations. These:

To find trending topics on YouTube;

1- Google Trends

2- Exploding Topics

3- BuzzSumo

Tools for researching, comparing, and analyzing keywords that can be used for YouTube video titles, descriptions, and tags;

1- TubeFriend

2- AHrefs Keyword tool

3- SEMRush

4- Google Keyword Planner Tool

Tools to find tags needed to optimize content;

1- Tag Finder

2- YouTube tool tag finder

Tools for competitor analysis;

1- Solve

2- SECockpit

3- YouTube’s autocompleting search bar (as mentioned in our keyword section)

Tools for maintaining and engaging an audience on YouTube;

1- Smart Control

2- Add content moderators to your channel to help you monitor and respond to comments


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